To help students have understanding of their of feelings, and apply skills in circumstances that will help them manage their emotions, become more accountable for their behavior, and make more positive decisions.


    Topics: (Lessons are cyclical)

    August/September- Being a Good Citizen in the New Normal        February/March-  Self-Management

                                 Expectations of the Digital Classroom                                   Relational Skills

                                 Responsible Decision Making                                                Conflict Resolution


      September/October-Responsible Decision Making                      March/April-      Career Development


                                   Respect & Relational Skills


    October/November-  Respect & Relational Skills

                                  Social Awareness



    November/December- Bullying

                                   Social Awareness


     January- Review



    Other Activities


     Areas of Focus:

    Self-Awareness- Recognizing emotions, developing self-confidence and self-efficacy, & identifying strengths

    Self-Management- Learning impulse control and self-discipline, developing skills for stress management and goal setting, & improving organizational skills

    Social Awareness- Respecting others, learning empathy,  & appreciating diversity

    Relational Skills- Developing effective communication and social engagement skills, building friendships, learning to work cooperatively and resolve conflicts, & seeking help when needed

    Responsible Decision-Making- Learning to identify problems and analyze situations, developing problem-solving skills, & making more positive decisions

    Career Development- Exploring career clusters to acquire knowledge for future reference