GUIDANCE Lessons May 2020














    1 Say Hi to MAY with some May Day Activities:  Plant Flowers, Enjoy a Backyard Picnic, Make a May Day Dance





    3 Perserverance 


    4 Perserverance-to keep going/trying despite difficulty or delays to success

    Download Sesame Street App: Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame


    5 Goal Setting- Acheive your dreams.  Set short & long term goals

    Visit BrainPOP:  Setting 

    SMART Goals


    6 Time-Management- Practice good time managment by making a schedule with parents and trying to stick to it.

    Make sure you are using your time wisely to meet your goals.


    7 Make A Plan- write out and discuss a plan to help you meet your goals.  Include options you have if changes have to be made.




    8 Family Movie Night:  Watch WALL-E with your family and discuss how WALL-E shows perserverance even when things seem difficult.






    10 Compassion & Empathy


    11Define Compassion-EVERFI Lessons

    Compassion is when you SEE someone in need, CARE about their feelings, and DO something to show you care.

    Login in to EVERFI and watch:  "What Am I Good At"

    Can you think of a time when you helped someone in need? How did you show them compassion?










    12Define Empathy-EVERFI Lessons

    Empathy is knowing how others feel, and understanding what they need or want, that could lead to showing compassion.

    Login in to EVERFI and watch:  "Try, Tye, Again"

    When was a time when you had empathy and then showed compassion like Alex did?












    13Why show compassion?-EVERFI Lessons

    Caring for others is just as important as caring for friends. Feeling empathy and compassion for everyone builds stronger relationships and makes a better world.

    Login in to EVERFI and watch:  "Runaway Bat"

    Why is it important to show show caring/compassion to each other?










    14 What do emotions have to with compassion?-EVERFI Lessons

    Sometimes, it can be
    hard to manage our emotions. When we don’t manage our emotions well, we may not be compassionate toward others, or get the compassion we need.

    Login in to EVERFI and watch:  "Squeaky Wheel"

    What are some emotions you feel on the inside that show on the outside?

    What are some emotions you feel on the inside that don’t show on the outside?

    When was a time when your feelings were hurt and you felt a strong emotion. Did anyone show you compassion?



    15 Managing emotions- EVERFI Lessons

    Sometimes it hard to cope with and manage our emotions. Some our emotions can be very strong, and we have to make sure they are expressed healthy ways. We must identify our emotions and what situations and personal needs might cause us to have different feelings. We must also understandhow our emotions and behaviors influence consequences and decision-making.

    Login in to EVERFI and watch:  "Too Many Cooks"

    Describe a time when you had more than one emotion at the same time or you weren’t sure how you felt.

    What did you do when you felt that way?

    Did anyone feel empathy for you or give you compassion?






    Self-Care & Mindfulness

    18 Self-Care EVERFI Lessons

     Compassion isn’t just something you show to others, it’s important to show yourself compassion as well. When you understand your feelings you can better understand what you need.  When you understand what you need, you can show yourself compassion.

    Choose and copy a link below to read about a character who learned to show compassion for themselves:


    Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2pCR8YHszM

    Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon by Patty Lovell https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYdni7pv0c4

    A Bad Case of the Stripes by David Shannon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKaQXmRvpvw

    19 Define Mindfulness-EVERFI Lessons

    Mindfulness is when you pay attention in a special way and live in the present moment (noticing your thoughts, feelings, surroundings, and your body); not worrying about the past or future, but focusing on the right now.

    Mindfulness can help you feel calm and control your emotions.  One way to be mindful is to take deep calming breaths.

    Login in to EVERFI and watch:  "Breathe People Breathe"

    What mindfulness technique did Alex teach her friends? How did it help them?



    20 Practice Self-CARE Everyday- EVERFI Lessons

    As you take time off to enjoy your summer vacation, remember to show compassion for others and practice Self-

    C- Do something to Care for yourself

    A-Appreciate yourself

    R-Respect yourself

    E-Do something to show Empathy for yourself





























    Areas of Focus:

    Self-Awareness- Recognizing emotions, developing self-confifence and self-efficacy, & identifying strengths

    Self-Management- Learning impulse control and self-discipline, developing skills for stress managament and goal setting, & improving organizational skills

    Social Awareness- Respecting others, learning empathy,  & appreciating diversity

    Relational Skills- Developing effective communication and social engagement skills, building friendships, learning to work cooperatively and resolve conflicts, & seeking help when needed

    Responsible Decision-Making- Learning to identify problems and analyze situations, developing problem-solving skills, & making more positive decisions

    Career Development- Exploring career clusters to acquire knowledge for future reference