Classroom Rules

    Good HABITs
    • Homework
    • Attitude
    • Behavior outside of the classroom
    • Initiative (completing classwork, following directions, staying on task)
    • Talking
    0-2 sticks for the week = S for weekly citizenship and Fun Friday activity
    3 or more sticks for the week = N for weekly citizenship
    4 or more Ns for the 9 weeks = N for citizenship on report card

    The following behaviors will not get a color change or a warning. They will go straight to the principal.

    • Fighting (includes forceful shoving, pushing, and pinching)
    • Profanity
    • Bullying or making threats (verbal or written) Some examples of this include silent treatment, intimidation, or invasion of personal space
    • Stealing
    • Vandalism
    • Cheating

    The rules that are listed above apply throughout the school.  If another teacher has behavior issues with a student, this will also result in a stick.