• Topics we will cover this nine weeks: (Many Concepts Continue to be taught as Ongoing all Year, including each grade level's SOL goals.)

    Reading Language Arts Groups  A and B:  Phonemic Awareness and Reading Readiness Activities:  Blending beginning, middle, and ending sounds, Consonant blends and digraphs, r-controlled vowels, short and long vowel sounds and spellings. Visual Discrimination Activities (Looking for the same sounds and words in songs, sentences, and stories)  Learning Pre-Primer to Third grade Dolch Sight words, Following Directions / Reading decodable books / Rhyming words / Learning songs / Oral Discussions / Vocabulary Enrichment Activities, and Calendar concepts

    Basic Reading strategies: Decoding skills/Previewing/ Prediction, Visualizing/ Drawing Conclusions/ Main Idea and Details/ Fact and Opinion/ Cause and Effect/ Compare and Contrast/Story Elements/ Understanding the Authors Purpose, Vocabulary, Style, and how it leads to our enjoyment/ Using text organizers/ Using reference materials/ Finding information to research a topic /Comprehension strategies/Vocabulary strategies

    Writing Groups:  Learning to write words to tell about pictures / Understanding the concept of letters vs. words / Understanding the concept of a complete sentence / Writing a sentence with correct spacing, capitalization, and punctuation / Writing sentences which focus on one topic./ Understanding the main idea and details, using descriptive words, understanding the concept of a paragraph/ Writing an introductory and conclusion sentence / Joining sentences together using connectors/ Writing using descriptive, sensory words/ Organizing information logically

    Math Group A:  Writing and recognizing numbers to 50 and 100. /
    Counting objects using one to one correspondence, Learning touchpoint numbers, Adding to 20, Subtraction concepts, Learning clue words in word problems, Learning coin names and values, Skip counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's, time and money concepts, shapes, patterns, graphing, etc. Beginning place value and understanding numbers to hundreds. /Fractions/ Making patterns/ graphing concepts/

    Math Group B:  Understanding decimal numbers / decimal place value to thousandths/ Add, subtract, multiply, divide with whole and decimal numbers/ Memorizing multiplication facts/ Place value to millions, rounding numbers to 10 thousand and hundred thousand,  front-end estimation, creating and extending patterns, using symbols representing numbers, operations, and relations, graphing activities, predicting the likelihood of outcomes of a simple event, multiplication with two and three digit numbers, time and money concepts, adding and subtracting 2 and 3 digit numbers with and without regrouping, etc.  Division concepts, line segments, angles, and rays, understanding fractions, finding equivalent fractions, mixed numbers/ Measurement concepts/ Probability concepts, 2D and 3 D geometric figure concepts, symmetry, congruency, and similar figures.