• Classroom Rules and HABIT Plan for Classroom


    1.      Follow directions the first time given.

    2.    Raise your hand and wait to be called on before responding.

    3.    Be respectful (kind) to others.

    4.    Have a good attitude in class.

    5. Complete class work and homework on time.



    In order for us to provide the best learning environment for your children and help them to better understand how to become responsible citizens, this year our behavior plan will be all about “good habits.”  Your child will have an empty library pocket with their name on it and their goal is to keep the pocket empty the entire week.  If he/she has trouble in the following areas listed below, he/she will put the correct corresponding letter in his/her pocket.  The letters are listed below and spell the word HABIT:


    H-means your child is missing all or part of his/her homework-1 stick for each 

    item missing (this includes:  planners not being signed nightly, weekly progress

    reports (Friday) not being signed, and/or any other papers that state to be signed and



    A-means your child had a bad attitude towards a teacher, classmate, class work or lack of respect


    B-means your child had some type of behavior problem inside or outside the classroom (examples: 

    not following classroom rules, unacceptable behavior in cafeteria, hall, bus, playground, and



    I-means your child exhibited a lack of initiative (examples:  not caring, not paying attention, not

    completing work, not staying on task, or coming to school without materials)


    T-means your child was talking at an inappropriate time or tattling


    Each stick in your child’s pocket represents five minutes off recess free playing time. Instead of playing they will get exercise by walking during recess. In addition, if your child receives two sticks prior to lunch during the first half of the school year, your child will receive silent lunch. This will change to one stick at the beginning of the 3rd 9 weeks.


    3 sticks in pocket for the entire week = N on weekly progress report


    Your child’s daily behavior will be noted each day in their planner and I will write down any behavior concerns for that day.  You are to check and sign their planner each night to be aware of any behavior concerns.  A weekly progress report will come home on Friday with his/her conduct grade and it needs to be signed and returned.  This will help you keep up with their conduct grade for each nine weeks (5 N’s=N in citizenship that nine weeks).  If your child goes the entire week with no sticks, he/she will be rewarded for great conduct with a treat from the prize box and if they have less than 3 sticks he/she will earn Monday Funday or Fun Friday.