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    We try our best to use real items for imaginative play and exploration in the classroom.  Before you throw something away think about us. We change out the areas in our room periodically throughout the year. Sometimes we have a doctor's office, construction area, post office, bakery, baby nursery, vet's office, pet store, etc.  We also love make art projects and explore textures and materials.  I have provided a list of some sample items that we like to collect or would like to find.  If you ever have a doubt, you can call me.
    shipping peanuts, bubble wrap...
    styrofoam (trays, packing materials, any size)
    buttons, ribbons, yarn, sequins, beads...
    fabric (fur, corduroy, wool, silk, burlap, velvet...)
    old flat bed sheets, old towels, blankets...
    old appliances with cords cut off (small microwave, small TV frame without glass...)
    measuring scoops, colanders, funnels, spatulas...
    baking pans (muffin, bunt, cake...)
    plastic spice containers
    children's dress up clothes
    boys outgrown blazers/ties
    girls outgrown skirts/dresses
    men's/women's outgrown shoes
    old wallets, purses, scarves, jewelry, watches...
    old cell phones or calculators
    old tricycles or outdoor toys