Parent Mentors in our Area

       The loss of the idealized perfect child can impart a depth of feelings upon families that is often unknown to others. Learning that your child has a hearing loss can cause devastation to some parents. 

        Sometimes, all you need is to talk to someone that has been in your shoes, someone that understands exactly how you feel right now.  Sometimes, all you want is hope, to talk to someone that has raised a deaf child, and gone through many of the challenges you are currently facing.  Sometimes, all you need is reassurance that you're doing the right thing, or that you have the information you need.  Sometimes, we all need help, and we are lucky to have several parents that serve as mentors for parents dealing with a child that has a hearing loss.

    • Tim and Kim Myers are the parents of a deaf son, Mark, who is now a married adult. Mark was diagnosed with a severe-to-profound hearing loss at the age of 11 months (prelingual deafness), and started wearing hearing aids at 13 months.  His parents have experienced first hand the challenges of raising him from childhood to adulthood, and have much they can share with other parents. Tim and Kim live in Ridgeway and may be contacted at 276-358-1818.  


    • David and Andi Davis are the parents of a hearing-impaired daughter now in college. She was born with hearing in one ear, while the other ear was totally deaf.  At the age of 4, she began losing her hearing (postlingual deafness), making it necessary to make educational decisions at that time.  Her parents have experienced raising a child that was affected after acquiring language with a hearing loss, and also have much to share with parents.  David and Andi live in Collinsville and can be contacted at 276-647-3085.