• 2019-20 Syllabus 

    Mr. Stout’s 7th Grade Civics/ Economics Class 2019-20

    Contact Info:

    Phone: 276-632-7216

    Email: rstout@henry.k12.va.us

    Hours: Normal School Day Hours 8:00AM to 3:30PM ,Other hours as necessary


    Our Nation and State, Five Ponds Press, Inc., 2018


    NO PEANUT or OTHER NUT PRODUCTS ARE ALLOWED IN MY ROOM. This is not my rule, but a school rule to protect the health and safety of some of my students.   Thank you for your cooperation!


    Grading Scale and Homework Policy: CIVICS IS an SOL Class!!!

    Standard Henry County Grading Scale, however no work, which may include a zero grade being entered after the student has been given a second full grade attempt.


    Homework: You are expected to complete your homework for Civics in addition to any other homework assignments. NOTE: I know you generally have homework for Math and English and I respect that homework…. I expect Civics homework to be completed and turned in on time. Failure to complete homework will result in a ticket and you will receive one opportunity to complete the homework to avoid a potentially negative grade being entered in the gradebook.


    Electronic Devices:

    Standard Henry County Policy applies, PHONES ARE OFF AND OUT OF SIGHT! Ipads may be used in my class only when authorized by me. When using an Ipad, Ipads are to be flat on the desk and not propped up at any time, unless authorized by me. Ear buds are not in ears and stored out of sight.


    Discipline Policy:

    Standard Henry County, LANCER CODE, and my classroom guidelines apply in my class, the hall, and anywhere on/off campus. I DO write tickets for violations. WARNINGS may be given based on the infraction, location, and other circumstances, however a warning is not a guarantee and ANY warning should be considered a warning for the entire class and for the future.  


    Classroom Guidelines:


    You will be assigned a seat.

    Be in your assigned seat when I close the door. Leave any “drama” in the hall or at home .

    Good behavior and participation weeks usually results in Sit Where You Want Fridays!

    You should have your supplies TO INCLUDE A PENCIL OR PEN and your note BINDER EVERYDAY!

    Do not leave the room without permission, signing in/out and a pass.

    Individial rest room breaks will be given, when needed, and when it is appropriate during instruction. Emergency issues do come up and they will be addressed, however a pattern of “emergencies” will be addressed with parental/administrative contact.       Be honest, truly honest, and I will work with you on any valid issues. Whole class restroom breaks WILL NOT BE GIVEN.



    • No tickets, no referrals. Everyone learns, including Mr. Stout. Hopefully we all learn while having some fun!