• Classroom Information

    • Each day a folder will be sent home. This folder will include homework, behavior calendar, notes, and newsletters. Please check and sign your child's folder daily. On the left side there is a Ziploc bag. Please place all money, notes, etc. in the Ziploc bag. Make sure that all money has a note attached explaining what the money is to be used for. I will check folders every morning, but will not have time to check each book bag. It is important that any communication information goes in your child's folder.
    • Students may bring their own snack from home. On Fridays students with good behavior for the week have the option of buying ice cream. The prices vary for different types of ice cream. Please place ice cream money in your childs folder with a note.

    Change of Clothes

    • Please send an Emergency change of clothes that are season appropriate . I will send the clothes home for exchange when the weather changes.

    No Nap-time

    • We no longer have nap time in Kindergarten. Please make sure your child gets plenty of rest at night. It will help him/her be well alert and ready to learn.


    • We are not allowed to have birthday parties in the classroom or cafeteria. However if you would like to send a small snack, such as mini cupcakes, fruit snacks, etc., these items must be store-bought with an ingredients label. We do celebrate birthdays with special activities (songs, crowns, prizes).