clipart of a pink post-it note that says "Reminder!"
    Planner & Homework Folder: These will come home each day. Please initial the planner each day and collect/return any notes from the folder.  The planner is a way for us to communicate. If your child has a good day at school you will see a sticker or smiley face. If your child had some trouble at school, I will write you a note in the planner explaining the issue. 
    Wednesday Work: All work from the week will be sent home on Wednesdays in the homework folder. Please take all work out and keep at home unless otherwise noted.
    Ice Cream Day:  On Fridays students can bring money to receive ice cream. Please send exact change, as I cannot guarantee I will have change to return to them. 
    Birthdays: We cannot have birthday parties in the classroom. If you would like to celebrate your child's birthday this will need to be done at lunch time after students have eaten. Parents are allowed to bring mini cupcakes or cookies, however, they must be store bought. Please do not bring juice as students will have their milk with lunch. Also, please let me know ahead of time if you plan to bring something in. Thanks!
    Supplies:  Please see supply list on this page. if we are in need of extra supplies I may ask for your help. We usually start to run low during the second part of the year.  Your child is welcome to have his/her own supply bag (crayons, glue, scissors) and if they do not the class will share these things.
    Itinerants & Recess: We are on a rotation itinerant schedule, so the days will vary each week. We go outside daily if weather permits. Please remember this when dressing your child and send in coats/hats when necessary.
    Time: Our school day will begin at 8:05 and end at 2:40pm. Please make sure your child is here on time and stays the entire day. Any work missed will need to be done for homework. Also, if your child needs breakfast and is a car rider, please make sure they are at school by 7:45am so they have time to eat breakfast before instruction begins.