English Syllabus - 4th Grade

    Course Description: This class will cover all of the Standards of Learning for which fourth grade students are responsible for in the area of English according to their needs and their learning style.

    Evaluation Methods: Formal/Informal Assessment, Observation, Hands-On, Portfolios, Projects

    Class Policies: Students are expected to follow "Classroom Expectations" as outlined at the beginning of each school year.



    Communication:  Speaking, Listening, Media Literacy
    4.1  Use effective oral communication skills in a variety of settings
    4.2  Make and listen to oral presentations and reports
    4.3  Learn how media messages are constructed and for what purposes
    4.4  Expand vocabulary when reading
    4.5  Read and demonstrate comprehension of fictional texts, narrative nonfiction texts and poetry
    4.6  Read and demonstrate comprehension of nonfiction texts
    4.7  Write cohesively for a variety of purposes
    4.8  Edit writing for correct grammar, capitalization, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and paragraphing
    4.9  Demonstrate comprehension of information resources to research a topic