• Dr. Lewis

    Dr. Sherri Lewis


    Drewry Mason Elementary School





    As the principal at Drewry Mason Elementary, I assist Drewry Mason faculty and staff in many areas. I work to ensure the safety of Drewry Mason students and staff at all times by overseeing the use of our crisis plan and our Code of Conduct so that we may have a safe and orderly school. Students will see me for discipline issues and positive actions, and I expect them to be respectful at all times. I am extremely excited to facilitate instruction in the building. I work closely with teachers to provide students with excellent differentiated instruction tied to the needs of individual learners. Of particular importance to me is guiding teams of teachers to analyze on-going student assessments and work samples to find out which students need what kind of extra assistance or challenge. I also assist in helping parents and the community work with Drewry Mason for special events, volunteering, and home/school communication.

    Core Beliefs

    I believe in the worth and dignity of every student. All students can and will learn when given a chance. Relationships are essential in reaching and challenging every student and teacher. The surest way to make a good school great is to create opportunities for teachers to work together in professional learning community teams to conduct common assessments and analyze student work which will lead to adjustments in instruction.

    Please feel free to email me at the above link with any suggestions, needs, or concerns.