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      Molly Follweiler
        Music Teacher
       Drewry Mason
       and Mount Olivet
          Elementary Schools
        I am currently at Drewry Mason.
        I will be back at Mount Olivet in January 2020.
    Music Class Schedule
    7:45-8:00      Car Duty
    8:00-8:45      Planning                                                                         
    8:45-9:25      1st grade                                                         
    9:35-10:15    3rd grade                                                                       
    10:15-10:55  Kindergarten     
    11:25-12:05  5th grade
    12:05-12:35  Pre-K
    12:35-1:15    Remediation
    1:15-1:55      2nd grade
    2:00-2:40      4th grade