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    History and Philosophy of Rich Acres Elementary School 

    Rich Acres Elementary School is a public school that was built in 1966. It received extensive renovations in 1996. These renovations included an additions of eight classrooms as well as an upgrade of the existing building. It is one of the county's eleven elementary schools.

    Rich Acres Elementary School educates children from preschool through fifth grade, including classes for Preschool-Handicapped, Learning Disabilities, and Educable Mentally Disabled. The current enrollment of all students is 361. The average class size for students in kindergarten through second grade is 16:1 and the average class size for students in third through fifth grade is 19:1. Students attend school from 8:05 A.M. to 2:40 P.M.

    Rich Acres Elementary School is considered a Total Title 1 Project School. This is based on our large number of candidates for free and reduced lunch. Rich Acres' budget for the year totaled to $1,192,661. Plant operation was budgeted at $153,797. The "per pupil expenditures" was $_.

    The administration, faculty, and staff at Rich Acres Elementary School are in agreement with the philosophy and objectives of Henry County Public Schools:

    All Children Can and Will Learn

    The staff recognizes and accepts the purposes of education for elementary schools as stated in the Standards of Quality for Public Schools in Virginia. Therefore, the purpose of Rich Acres Elementary School is to help children, youth, and adults become well adjusted, self-supporting, and actively participating citizens of the home, school, community, and country. The faculty is committed to providing learning experiences in the elementary school that will form the foundation of the total education program. Opportunities to develop to the highest capacity of their own ability are provided to each person, regardless of economic status or locality, thus strengthening our system of self-government and freedom as people.


    Rich Acres Elementary Where Excellence Surpasses Standard