•      Mrs. Lorrie Aldridge


    Welcome to 3rd Grade!

    At Sanville, we believe in learning through teamwork Students should be given the opportunity to solve problems in a variety of ways, rather than just through multiple choice questioning.  Understanding the "why it's important" is a key element in student learning.  They should also be allowed to work together to solve problems and share ideas.  By encouraging critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and the freedom to demonstrate creativity, I feel that my students will be excited to come to school each day.
         I look forward to working with you and your child this year in helping prepare him/her for a promising future. 
    Third graders take SOL tests in two subject areas, reading and math.  Below is a link to our SOLs and Curriculum Framework.  Go to the right side of the page and pick the subject area you are interested in.  This site also contains practice items and updates concerning SOL testing.
    Please check my Canvas page for specific assignments, grades and other important information.  For more information about using Canvas, please visit:
    Great Website:
    SOL Pass-Choose Sanville Elementary. The password is "Sanville"
    -Numerous educational APPs are on the iPad.
    Mrs. Aldridge's 3rd Grade Schedule
    7:30-8:00      Breakfast and restroom
    8:05               Clean-up and announcements
    8:05-9:30      Math/Restroom break during independent work
    9:30-11:00    Reading/ELA (recess during this time)
    11:00-11:25  Writing
    11:25-11:50  Beginning of social studies or science
    11:50-12:20  Lunch
    12:20-12:30  Restroom
    12:30-1:00    Conclusion of social studies or science
    1:00-1:45       Itinerant
    1:45-2:30       SSR/Remediation/Enrichment
    2:40                Dismissal