Mrs. Edrie A. Cook


    Speech-Language Pathologist

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    Fall is a busy time of the year for the speech therapists in the county.  Kindergarten students, transfer students from out of the county (3rd grade and under), and students on our rescreen lists undergo a screening process.   Many new children will be added to our caseloads during October and November.

     ***I will be sending work folders home with your child.  Homework is an important part of speech therapy.  It enables your child to carryover the information that he or she has learned in class.  Once your child has completed his/her homework, you will need to sign and date on the provided sheet.  Each time your child completes homework, a sticker/stamp will be added to the prize chart.  If there is some reason that you cannot complete the homework with your child, please let me know.  An alternative program may be provided.*** 

     Speech therapists work with children with many delays and disorders.  The most common of these are as follows:


    -Phonological Processing

    -Language Delays

    -Language Disorders

    -Fluency Disorders

    -Voice Disorders


    If you have concerns regarding your child’s speech and/or language skills, please contact the school that your child attends or will attend.




     MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY:  7:35-2:30:  Speech Therapy, Testing, Screening, Paperwork, IEP Meetings, Social Skills Group, Co-treating.


    Speech-Language Tip:


    Children are used to reading stories and answering questions.  Have your child create his/her own questions from the story.  Use the questions words: Who, What, Where, When, and How.  This is a higher level skill than simply answering questions from a story.
    Ask questions throughout the story instead of waiting until the end of it.  This will ensure that your child is understanding the story as it is read.

    If your child produces the wrong sound in a word, try showing them how to correctly make the sound in the mirror.  Use natural settings to elicit sound. 




    ***Parents are so busy.  Use the time in your car to review speech and language skills with your child.  Five minutes a day can help so much... Just remember to keep your eyes on the road.***