Ms. Parks' Physical Education Class



    Attached you will find the document "Physical Education A-Z".  As you will see, each letter represents an activity.  I will assign a word to each day of the week.  Using each letter in the word, have your child do the activities that correspond with each letter.  For example, if the word I assign is "PLAY", the activities will be:

    P = Throw and Catch a ball with a partner for 10 min.

    L = 30 Wall Push UPs

    A = 20 Jumping Jacks

    Y = Lay on your back and hold your legs 6" off the floor for 30 seconds.


    ***Please do 4 out of 5 days per week, if you skip a day, do at least 30 min of physical activity that day.


    Week of April 13-17                         Week of April 20-24

    Monday = TIGERS                                        Monday = PARKS

    Tuesday = FRIEND                                       Tuesday = TEXAS

    Wednesday = HOMEWORK                       Wednesday = ZEBRAS

    Thursday = WINTER                                    Thursday = WELCOME

    Friday = MOTLEY                                         Friday = QUESTION


    Week of April 27-May 1                             Week of May 4-8

    Monday = JOURNEY                                   Monday = KITCHEN

    Tuesday = VICTORY                                     Tuesday = EXERCISE

    Wednesday = CHANGE                               Wednesday = GUMBY

    Thursday = QUARTZ                                    Thursday = BENCH

    Friday = SPECIAL                                          FRIDAY = WHISPER


    Week of May 11-15

    Monday =  JUMPS                     If weather doesn’t permit you to do the

    Tuesday = BLACK                       outside activities, feel free to replace it

    Wednesday = ORANGE            with any active activity. 

    Thursday = OCEAN

    Friday = BLANKET




    A = 20 Jumping Jacks

    B = 10 Push Ups

    C = 20 Sit Ups

    D = Jog 3 laps around the outside of your house

    E = 30 Second Wall Sit

    F = Crab Walk for 30 seconds

    G = Bear Walk for 30 seconds

    H = 15 Minute Power Walk

    I = Jump Rope (pretend if you don’t one) for 5 min.

    J = Dribble a ball with your right hand for 3 min.

    K = Dribble a ball with your feet for 3 min.

    L = 30 Wall Push Ups

    M = 30 Jumping Jacks

    N = 20 push Ups

    O = Sit and Stretch for 1 min

    P = Throw and Catch a ball with a partner for 10 min.

    Q = 3 sprints from one side of your yard to the other and back

    R = Dribble a ball with your left hand for 3 min.

    S = Kick a ball back and forth with a partner

    T = 30 Sit Ups

    U = Dance to any song of your choice

    V = 20 squats with your arms out in front of you

    W = Ride your bike/tricycle/scooter for 15 min.

    X = Shoot basketball or any ball into a goal for 15 min.

    Y = Lay on back and hold your legs 6” off the floor for 30 sec.

    Z = Play an active video game where you are moving (just dance, wii sports, wii fit, etc) or do an online workout video 

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