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    Welcome to Ms. Clements'
     Deaf/Hard of Hearing
                                                Multi-age Classroom -(self-contained)
    At Home Learning:
    We know that school is closed due to mandatory school closure for Virginia. Students, please do not stop practicing your reading, writing and math skills, that you have learned in school! Hopefully you have finished your packets from the two week shutdown, March 13-March 27th! I have new packets ready to be sent home, so that you can continue your at home learning. Thank you parents for all you are doing to help your child with their at home learning packets. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions! I miss you all! 
    This site will include information for students in the
    Regional Hearing-Impaired Program at
    Stanleytown Elementary School
    Please click  here to find information about educational considerations
    for deaf and hearing-impaired children.
    Victoria Clements
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