• Welcome to P.E. Class!
       Photo of Coach Joyce giving directions in gym class    
    Coach Jay Joyce 
    Health and Physical Ed. Teacher
    clipart of sport balls spinning in a circle
    Contact info:
    School phone: 276-629-5084
    May Calendar  
    Daily Schedule:
    7:30--8:15 Bus Duty
    8:15--8:40 Planning
    8:40--9:10 Pre-K Classes
    9:15--9:55 K Classes
    10:00--10:30 ECSE/Headstart Classes
    10:35--11:15 2nd Grade Classes
    11:15--11:45 Lunch
    11:45--12:25 1st Grade Classes
    12:40--1:20 3rd Grade Classes
    1:20--2:00 4th Grade Classes
    2:00--2:40 5th Grade Classes
    * Click on the VDOE link below for P.E. SOLs: