Randy Dailey, MPT
    Randy Dailey, PT
         Physical Therapist
    phone: 276-634-0103 (Meadow View School)
                 Office hours: Tuesday and Thursday
     8 - 9 am
     5 - 6 pm
    (276) 340-2789
    Home programs will be provided on an individual                basis.
    Please contact Randy if you have questions or need additional assistance.
    Physical Therapy in the Educational Setting
    The role of physical therapists is not to develop PT goals, but rather to participate in the collaborative development of a student's educational goals with the other members of the IEP Team.  Therefore, the process of achieving goals must be shared among those working with the students and may include therapists, teachers, parents, paraprofessionals, and others. 
    Intervention can include adaptive activities within the student's daily routine, developing opportunities for the student to practice new motor skills, positioning, monitoring of adaptive equipment and problem solving with others to encourage motor development and independence.
    Therapy time may consist of:  consultation/observation
                                                 equipment adaptations
                                                 direct hands-on intervention
    Reference:  Handbook for Occupational & Physical Therapy Services in the Public Schools of Virginia
                      Virginia Dept. of Education
    *Home programs will be provided on an as needed basis and will be individually communicated to parents.
    Randy Dailey is serving all the schools in Henry County and can be reached at his home office at Meadowview Elementary School (276-634-0103).
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    Here are some ideas for movement activities at home: