Here is the 3 workouts for week 5 of G6.  You need to turn your log back in on May 1st by 11pm.  I will send you and email Friday morning to remind you about your logs. All 3 workouts for this week are on this email.   Make sure that you scroll down to see them, and make sure that you read the directions to the workout.  


    whenson@henry.k12.va.us (Office Hours- Monday, Wednesday, Friday (10:00-12:00a.m))

    Block 1 Health and PE 9 
    Block 2 Advanved PE I and II 
    Block 3 Advanved PE I and II 
    Block 4 Planning
    Supply List-(Athletic clothing for PE (shoes, shirt, shorts/pants), paper, penicl, and IPADS)