• Geometry and DE Pre-Calculus

    Mrs. Chaney

    Room 24

    Magna Vista High School

    (276) 956-3147

    email: gchaney@henry.k12.va.us

    canvas link for geometry:  https://henry.instructure.com/courses/5436

    canvas link for pre-calculus:  https://henry.instructure.com/courses/5341



    Canvas link for geometry: https://henry.instructure.com/courses/5436


    While we are going to school virtually, students may rely on videos from mathtv.com, you-tube, or khan academy for further instruction.

    Geometry students can find IXL assignments under "Geometry on the Computer," to the left, with links for special material.  If a particular link doesn't work, copy and paste it in the browser yourself. 



    Canvas link for

    Pre-Calculus: https://henry.instructure.com/courses/5341


    Pre-Calculus students can refer to Khan Academy, you-tube videos or mathtv.com for instruction, and check on Kuta.com for practice worksheets from the Pre-Calculus subject.

    Email me with any questions or to send pictures of your work.  The majority of our class will be using the assignments and directions from Virtual Virginia.



    Mrs. Chaney's daily schedule when we get back to school is as follows:

    math lab (tutoring, make-up work, and extra help) Tues and Thur,

    before or after school by appointment, and 

       1st - Planning

       2nd - Geometry

       3rd - D.E./Pre-Calculus

       4th - D.E./Pre-Calculus

     When we are not in school: office hours will be Tues and Thur 9:00 - 10:00 am