Tina Craig  is a  Career and Technical Education Exploratory Teacher 
       at  Laurel Park Middle School
         Ms. Craig's telephone number at school is (276) 632-7216
           Ms. Craig's e-mail address at school is  tcraig@henry.k12.va.us   
           Ms. Craig teaches  6th grade Keyboarding, 7th grade Career Investigations,            8th grade Leadership Development, and 8th grade Digital Technologies
    During March 2020 home schooling, all of Ms. Craig's classes will be working on 
    the same CTE competencies: Personal Qualities/Abilities and Elements of Student Life that are required for each grade level course. Click on the Assignments for additional information and attend the online LPMS Pride Time daily sessions:  M 1:00 T 11:30 W 10:00 T 8:30 F 1:00 . Parents and students may also contact me by email.