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    Hello, I'm Phil Corbo, Major, U.S. Army (Retired). I am the Senior Army Instructor (SAI) for Magna Vista's JROTC program. This is my 11th year at Magna Vista High School.  Prior to MVHS,  I was the SAI for Massanutten Military Academy (MMA) for 3 years.  I retired, after serving 22 years, in September 2006, and began working at MMA as a deputy commandant of cadets.  The following year I started teaching JROTC and was SAI until June 2010.  I am a native of Bridgewater, N.J. and received my Bachelor of Arts degree in History from the Virginia Military Institute.  I hold a Master of Science degree in Educational Leadership from Mississippi State University in 1997. I have a Virginia Technical Professional License for JROTC Instruction and look forward to working with the cadets and their parents of Magna Vista High School.  My interests range from working on old cars, to target shooting, to cooking and to reading about U.S. History.  I live in Martinsville with my dogs “Charlie”, "Gibbs" and "Gunner".  My hope is to challenge all our cadets to fulfill their dreams and have fun while doing so. My various duty assignments while in the army (Hawaii, Korea, Saudi Arabia/Iraq,) have shown me that we can learn from everyone and it my sincere hope that through JROTC, our students will seek such knowledge.


    If you are the parent of a child that may take JROTC, rest assured JROTC is not a recruiting tool for the military. Spend a few minutes speaking with the Army Instructors from your child's school, and you will see the true purpose of the Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps is to "Motivate Young People to Be Better Citizens!" Your child will be encouraged to complete high school and continue on to college!!


    Showing each student that he or she has the power within themselves to overcome all obstacles no matter how great -- without the 'helping hand' of government or society as a whole-- is the last thing they want your child to learn. Since the birth of this nation the American spirit has transcended all difficulties. The JROTC curriculum fortifies nurtures and coaches this American spirit into a powerful force your child can use to overcome his or her individual struggles.


    To motivate young people to become better citizens


    Block 1

    JROTC 1-8

    Room 33 A&B


    Block 2

    JROTC 1-8

    Room 33 A&B


    Block 3




    Block 4

    JROTC 1-8

    Room 33 A&B


    Supplies needed for my class are:

            Folder (we supply)

    Pen or Pencil

    Desire to be a better person

    Good Attitude

    Weekly Schedule Day's Activity Preparation School

    Currently all assignments will be completed through Canvas

     If we go to a Hybrid system we will follow the below schedule


    JROTC Curriculum Instruction




    JROTC Physical Training Lab




    JROTC Uniform and Drill Lab




    JROTC Curriculum Instruction




    JROTC Physical Training Lab






    LET LEVEL 1 & 2



    Basics of JROTC



    LET LEVEL 3 & 4



    Leadership Training



    LET LEVEL 5 & 6



    Being a Leader



    LET LEVEL 7 & 8


      Senior Leadership



    Simply do what is expected, when expected, in the manner prescribed by the leaders, whether it be the Army Instructors or the Cadet Leadership.

    Obviously, that is a bit general, but applicable. JROTC will follow the policies and procedures as set forth in the Magna Vista Student Handbook as well as those set forth by the Henry County Administration Policies and Procedures.

    Additionally, as members of JROTC, cadet behavior is to be at a level commensurate with a class whose mission is stated as “To motivate Young People to be Better Citizens.” Simply stated, cadets will be self-disciplined, exhibiting the attributes of a leader/good citizen: honesty, integrity, and responsibility demonstrated by action and deed.

    Standard Rules (amended as necessary):

    1.     Cadets will be at the position of Parade Rest, prepared for the attendance check, at the time the tardy bell sounds.

    2.     Cadets will refrain from talking in formation and will speak in class only when questioned or acknowledged by the instructor (Army Instructor or student leader).

    3.     Cadets will refrain from chewing gum at all times.

    4.     Uniform wear will be once per week (generally) and in accordance with prescribed regulations and the uniform is to be worn ALL DAY, rather than just for the class (i.e. gym clothes).

    5.     Dismissal of the class will be by the instructor only – cadets are not allowed to leave merely at the sound of the dismissal bell.

    6.     Other, specific rules will be set as necessary to maintain a safe, healthy environment that will contribute to a productive experience for the student (cadet).



    Grading is based on Curriculum Knowledge; Maintaining a Cadet Notebook and Cadet Portfolio; Wearing the uniform and Physical Training; Participation in JROTC teams/Activities; and Class Participation and Conduct.  The following percentages of the cadet's grade in each of those categories.

    Physical Training (Dressing and Participation) = 15%

    Evaluations (Tests, Quizzes etc.) = 15%

    Responsibility (Doing all work, Participating in all activites etc.) = 20%

    Uniform wear and weekly individual inspections = 35%

    Assignments = 15%




      • Drill Team
      • Color Guard
      • Raider Team


    Virgina DOE web site:  WWW.doe.virginia.gov