• Information on Assignments While Out- UPDATED 3/22/2020

         Parents and Students,

         I hope this message finds everyone healthy and safe. Students downloaded extended assignments Friday, March 13th, to their iPads. Those without an iPad were given red folders with paper copies of the extended assignments. Also, students were given their blue affix folders to take home. If your student was absent on Friday they may access the assignments by clicking on the "extended work" tab to the left and downloading them to their iPad. If your student needs a paper copy of the extended assignments you may pick-up a packet in the school lobby from 8am until 4pm. A table will be in the lobby with the packets identified by grade-level and teacher.

        The assignments given were 3 reading passages with 25 questions, a suffix activity sheet, and poetry notes. During the 2 week period students should complete these assignments and study the poetry notes. They should also continue to study for the prefix quiz that was scheduled for Tuesday, March 17th. Study guides for the prefix quiz are on orange paper and downloaded to the iPad. Every student received a paper copy of the orange study guide Friday, March 6th. Students should be ready to turn these assignments in and take the prefix quiz when we return to school.

         After students complete the reading passages, they should click on the extended work tab to the left and scan the QR code for each passage to enter their answers. The QR codes will bring up the questions for each passage allowing students to input their answers. Students will receive immediate feedback as to whether their answer is correct or incorrect. For incorrect answers, feedback will indicate where students should look to find the correct answer. Students should continue to scan the QR code until they have gotten all the questions correct. This is different than we usually do in class. Students are usually only allowed to scan the QR code 1 time but in these circumstances they may scan as many times as needed to get the questions right. Once the QR codes for the reading passages are completed then students should scan the QR code for the suffix activity sheet and follow the same procedure until they have all correct responses. QR codes may be scanned with a smart phone. Students may use cell phones to scan QR codes, enter answers, and get feedback.

         Should school closure be extended past the 2 weeks, then students should work on pages 11 through 26 in the blue affix folder.  I will communicate using remind if other assignments are given. Those assingments will be added to the extended work tab for students to download. Should this occur, paper copies will be made available for pick-up at the school for those students without an iPad. An annoucement will come from the school system should the closure be extended.

        If you are not currently using the remind system you may click on the "remind" tab to the left for instructions on how to join. This will be the best way for me to communicate with parents and students. The system also allows parents to message me privately with any questions are concerns. Please join if you haven't in order to stay current on all class communications.

         Parents I want to thank you for your support during this time making sure your student completes assignments. It is imperative they complete assignments to ensure they do not fall behind.


        Wishing all to be virus free,

        Mrs. Belcher