Course Description


    Upon graduating from the fifth grade, students in Health will have been exposed to and understand basic concepts about…The Human Body, Personal Safety, Guidance and Conflict Resolution, Personal Behavior, Drug Use and Abuse, Personal Health and Nutrition, Relationship Skills, Illness Prevention, and Community Health and Wellness.

    Upon graduating from the fifth grade, students in Physical Education will have been exposed to and understand basic concepts about…Movement Concepts, Skill Themes, Chasing, Fleeing, Dodging, Jumping and Landing, Balancing, Transferring Weight and Rolling, Kicking and Punting, Throwing and Catching, Volleying and Dribbling, Striking with Rackets, Striking with Long Handled Implements, Games, Dance, Gymnastics, Fitness Testing, Rock Climbing, and much more.

    In an effort to create an atmosphere that is conducive to learning and safety for all, I have a few rules for the grades 3-5 classroom.

    Rules for Health/Physical Education are as follows…

    • Students will use time wisely by staying “on-task” and following directions.
    • Students will use self-control by keeping body parts to self.
    • Students will respect others by cooperating and avoiding name calling, back talk, rolling eyes, and excluding others.
    • Students will control excessive talking.
    • Student will wear tennis shoes to class.  (Boots, Crocs, Sandals, Flip-Flops, and Dress Shoes are not permitted.)
    • Students will not consume gum, candy, and/ or food during class.
    • Students are expected to participate. (A student will be excused from class by a note from a parent/guardian one time per nine week’s period and “as prescribed” by a doctor’s note.)

    If a student does not follow the rules, there will be consequences.

    The consequences of not following rules are as follows…

    • Warning (-1 point)
    • 1st Time-out (-2 points) (The first time in time-out the student can return to activity when he/she is ready to make better decisions.)
    • 2nd Time-out (-3 points) (The second time in time-out, the teacher will decide when the student is ready to return to activity.  A student will receive an “N” grade for the day and a letter that will need to be taken home and signed by a parent/guardian if he/she goes to time-out a second time one class period. Additionally, a student in time-out for a second time in one class period will have a problem solving and/ or activity related worksheet that will need to be completed before returning to activity.) 

    *Each student will start the nine weeks grading period with 100 points.  A student may lose up to 3 points per class based on behavior or lack of activity.  When a grade falls to 70 or below, the student will receive an "N" grade for the grading period.  If a student receives an "N" grade for the grading period, then end of year awards may be impacted.

    There are some behaviors that will result in an immediate removal from class without a warning. The following behaviors will not be tolerated and if a student demonstrates any one of these behaviors, he/she will be sent to the principal and automatically lose 3 points for the day.

     Students will immediately go to the principal for the following behaviors…

    • Profanity (the use of inappropriate language)
    • Fighting (includes shoving, pushing, and/ or pinching)
    • Stealing (taking something that does not belong to you)
    • Vandalism (defacing or destroying school property)
    • Bullying or threats (i.e. silent treatment, intimidation, invasion of personal space)
    • Cheating

    **If a student if suspended from school, then the student will automatically receive an "N" grade in citizenship and the student will lose 3 points per day for each class period missed during suspension.

    I will need your help in encouraging your child to lead an active, healthy lifestyle. In an effort to maximize student participation and minimize the confusion of keeping up with the physical education schedule, please allow your child to keep a pair of tennis shoes in his/her book bag or in his/her classroom. A student will not participate in the scheduled activity and will lose 3 points if he/she is not wearing tennis shoes. While the emphasis of my program is developing skills that lead to lifetime physical activity and not fitness testing, I would like to strive towards a 100% pass rate on fitness tests. Students will have to exert some effort, but all students have the ability to pass these tests!