Greetings Campbell Court Family!  I am elated by the opportunity to serve the CCE community as principal of our beautiful establishment.
    In my brief period as principal, I have been overwhelmed by the integrity and dedication of the faculty and staff of Campbell Court as well as the resilience and self-determination of its students and guardians. This community undoubtedly upholds our mission to accelerate a student-centered learning environment, adaptable to any location, where  the academic and social-emotional needs of students are prioritized in order to guarantee success.  A safe and supportive "village" is cultivated around each individual to ensure holistic academia .
    Your concerns are my concerns.  Never hesitate to reach out to your child's instructor or to me.  We are here for you.  


    Ms. Gravely - CCE Principal


    Kenya Gravely

    Campbell Court Elementary School


    (276) 629-5344