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    My name is Patricia Grogan.  Fran Preston and I look forward to learning and working with you and your child this year.  Please feel free to contact me at my email address (pgrandin@henry.k12.va.us).  Our goal is to make learning fun as we learn and practice respect and responsibility.
    Important Information
    March 17, 2020
    As our preschool students are home for several days, please take every opportunity to reinforce skills during the course of the day.  In a letter that went home with students on Thursday of last week, I sent home a suggestion about teaching from a container of orange juice and this can be expanded to many opportunities.  From a container of orange juice you can ask the following questions:
    1.  What letters are in orange juice? 
    2.  How many letters are in orange, juice, and how many letters in all?
    3.  What sounds do the letters make?
    4.  Is juice a solid or liquid?
    5.  What would happen if we put juice in the freezer?  
    6.  What would happen when we take it out of the freezer?
    7.  What color is the juice?
    8.  Where does orange juice come from?
    9.  Is juice a fruit or vegetable?
    Other learning opportunities built on what we already do in class could be:
    1.  Reviewing the weather each day and talking about the temperatures.  You could easily make a weather wheel and let your child draw pictures and/or write the weather on the wheel.  We use a clothespin to mark the weather for the day.
    2.  Count as much as you can.  Count going up/down steps.  Count cereal pieces.  Count anything to practice.
    3.  Write.  Allow your child to write their names each day.  We sign in each morning.  Allow your child to write words from food packages or anything else.  Just give them a pencil, pencil, marker, crayon, etc... and a piece of paper.  They may want to draw a picture of the words they have written.
    4.  Allow your child to draw pictures of how they may feel and "write" about the pictures.  This could stem from being at home to other feelings they are experiencing. Share with your child by drawing and writing as well.  I have always said, "Adults and children are alike.  The only difference is adults have more experience." 
    5.  Talk with your child and encourage them to use their big boy/girl voices.
    6.  Make routine cards.  We use these in class to help students keep pace with the school day.  We have cards for getting to school, small goup time, large group time, nap, going home, etc...  Be creative with your own schedule. 
    7.  Ask about shapes.  What shapes do we see in our homes, signs, etc...  Your child has been introduced to circles, squares, trianges, rectangles, pentagons, cubes, spheres, heptagons,  hexgaons, and octogons.  Ask your child to describe shapes and identify shapes in their environment.  
    8.  Ask your child to name words with the same beginning sound such as "B".
    9.  Ask and point out opposites such as up/down, in/out, etc...
    10.  Ask and point out rhyming words.
    11.  Try to limit your child's screen time.  There are educational websites including Starfall, ABDya, Sesame Street that can be utilized. 
    Most of all, be safe during these trying times.  Encourage your child to practice good hygiene by washing their hands (we tell them to sing "Happy Birthday" while they are washing their hands), cough or sneeze into a tissue or their elbow if a tissue is not available and staying out of the faces of friends and family.
    Best Wishes and Stay Safe   
    Email Address:  pgrandin@henry.k12.va.us
    School Phone:  276-957-2226
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    Preschool Schedule


    August 8, 2019


    7:30 – 8:05                           Arrive/Lunch Choices/Choices


    8:05 – 8:25                           Breakfast in Cafeteria


    8:25 – 8:40                         Greeting Time/Message Board/Large Group


    8:40 – 9:30                           Centers


    9:30 – 10:15                         Outside Time (Weather Permitting) or Centers


    10:15 – 10:35                      Large Group/Bathroom Break


    10:35 – 11:05                      Lunch


    11:05 – 11:25                      Small Group


    11:25 – 12:55                      Planning Work Time


    12:55 – 1:15                         Clean-up/Recall


    1:15 – 2:15                           Story/Bathroom Break/Rest Time


    2:15 – 2:40                           Snack/Get Ready for Home/Large Group                               


    2:40                                        Dismissal