• Julia Bishop
    All virtual lessons will be posted on google classroom for the remainder of the semester.  An invitation to join the class was sent to your school email.  
    Non-virtual lessons will be receiving a paper packet.

    Virtual Offic Hours Tusedays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 2-3pm!
    meeting code: pzd-xatx-zwf


    Chemistry Lessons while we are out! 


    Hello my lovely children!! Do the best you can and email me with questions when you need to!  Here is a link to Tyler Dewitt's Youtube page if you need to refer to a lecture.  I strongly suggest you copy the doc in google docs and share it with me when you complete it.

    Monday 3/16/2020 - Chemthink - Covalent Bonds this is a webquest

    Tuesday 3/17/2020 - Naming Covalent Compounds

    Wednesday 3/18/2020 - Lewis Dot Structures

    Thursday 3/19/2020 - Electronegativity and Chemical Bonding

    Friday 3/20/2020 -  Chemthink - Molecular Shapes this is a webquest too


    Monday 3/23/2020 - Molecular Geometry

    Tuesday 3/24/2020 - Calculating Molar Mass video lesson.  Molar Mass worksheet.

    Wednesday 3/25/2020 - Single Step Molar Conversions video 1, video 2, video 3Single Step Molar Conversion worksheet.  Tyler Dewitt's videos are very good and he explains it the way that I learned it when I was in school but there is a simpler way to do conversions and I will make a video and post it here.  If you do not understand me PLEASE watch his videos too and ask questions!

    Finally finished uploading the video I made for you.  Bare with me, it's the first video I have ever done.  I hope it helps to make molar relationships easier for you.  Click Here

     Thursday 3/26/2020 - Two Step Molar Conversions Tyler Dewitt - video; My video. Two step molar conversions Worksheet

    Friday 3/27/2020 -  Check - in - Email me and let me know how you are doing and if you have any questions.





    Earth Science - While we are out

    Hello my lovely children!! Do the best you can and email me with questions when you need to!  Please review all of the content we have covered. Click here for the review packet.  If you do not have a printer please feel free to just write your answers on a seperate sheet of paper.

    2nd Semester Schedule 
     1st Block - Pre-AP Chemistry
    2nd Block - Earth Science
    3rd Block - Pre-AP Chemistry
     4th Block - Planning
    All of these are SOL courses!


    I enjoy hearing from parents so please feel free to email me anytime at
    JBishop@henry.k12.va.us I will respond as quickly as I can.