Ms. Christy DeLoatch
    English 9 and 10
    Advanced Composition
    Room 56
    Magna Vista High School
    Portrait of William Shakespeare
    2019-2020 School Year Schedule 
    Semester 2
    Block 1-English 10
    Block 2-English 10
    Block 3-Planning
     Block 4-English 9
    All English 9, English 10, and English 11 students are required to have a charged, fully functional, school-issued iPad that is brought to school daily. 
    Students enrolled in my English 9 or 10 class will need headphones or earbuds, a composition notebook, binder, or spiral-bound notebook, writing utensils, and reading material for daily SSR. For other suggested supplies, see the syllabus attached above. 
    Students enrolled in Advanced Composition will need a composition or spiral-bound notebook and writing utensils. Students should be advised that there will be an expectation for extensive writing, reading, and discussion on a daily basis. 
    Helpful Links, Resources, and Assignments