Ms. Christy DeLoatch
    English 10 and High School Reading
    Magna Vista High School
    Room 57
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    First Semester Schedule (2021-2022):
    Block 1-High School Reading
    Block 2-Planning
    Block 3-English 10
    Block 4-High School Reading 
    Please refer to my Canvas page for further information regarding my English and High School Reading classes.
    Students will need their school-issued iPad, paper, and writing utensils. Students enrolled in Read180 will need to bring their Real Book to class daily.
    A way to stay organized (binder, notebook, planner) is also strongly encouraged for all students.
      Course Syllabus

    High School Reading

    Ms. DeLoatch





     Paper                Binder

     Pencils               iPad

     Real Book (this applies only to Reading students)

    Classroom Rules:

    1. Be prompt and prepared.

    Show up to class on time with all needed materials.

    2. Be respectful and considerate.

    Respect all persons and materials in the classroom at all times.

    3. Follow ALL school policies.

    Be in accordance with all school and county rules and policies at all times.



    First Offense: Verbal Warning

    Second Offense: Parent Contact

    Third and Subsequent Offences: Administrative Referral

    **Please Note** These consequences may be enacted in any order deemed necessary by the teacher. Any behavior that is detrimental or disruptive to the learning environment or safety of the students or teacher will result in an immediate referral to the grade-level administrator.



    There should be no improper use of the technology for any reason. This includes being on any site that is not directly stated as an assignment for class. Failure to comply with this policy will result in the loss of technology privileges (which will affect your grade).




    Course Information

    Read 180 is an intensive reading intervention program designed to give students the opportunity to improve their reading skills in an interactive program that has engaging materials. The program directly assesses individual needs through adaptive and instructional software, high interest literature, and direct instruction in reading and writing skills. Additionally, this course is a stepping stone to help prepare students for further instruction in their high school English courses. As someone who's taught English 9 and 10 fairly extensively, I'm in a good place to help all of you prepare for those classes and their accompanying writing assessments, and that's a strong focus of this course. I look forward to helping each of you to become stronger readers and writers!


    Typical Class Period:

    During the 90-minute block (under regular, on-site school circumstances), the class will reflect the following order:

    Whole group lecture/discussion that will occasionally employ literature selections, short video clips, and/or handouts/digital assignments (25 minutes)

    Small group rotations (20-25 minutes each) –

    Small group- Individualized small group instruction to help students master the skills from whole group lecture

    Independent reading -Students will select novels on their reading level and read them in a comfortable, quiet environment at their own pace.

    Independent computer work- Individualized computer-guided instruction on reading, vocabulary, and speech (fluency)

    Whole group wrap-up/review- 10 minutes

    **This model will be adapted for online/distance learning/ social distancing as needed. Live Zooms will focus mainly on direct reading and writing instruction, while most Student App and online work will be completed independently. Students should also be prepared to read independently on a daily basis.** 


    Assignments in this course are based on a points system. The number of points is decided based on the type of assignment.

    Classwork: 100 points

    Homework: 50 points

    Quizzes & Projects: 200 points

    Tests & Essays: 300 points

    Effort should be made to turn work in on time and in the format designated within the assignment.

    Late Work Policy:

    Late work will be recieve a 5 points per day late reduction and will not be accepted once the grading period has ended. Please make every attempt to complete and submit assignments in a timely manner. 

    Grading Scale:

    A+       100-97      4.0       C-        72-70     1.7

    A         96-93        4.0       D+       69-68     1.3   

    A-        92-90        3.7       D         67-66.    1.0

    B+       89-87        3.3       D-        65-60     0.7

    B         86-83        3.0       F          59-0       0

    B-        82-80        2.7

    C+       79-77        2.3

    C         76-73        2.0




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