Bengal Tech Academy of Global Studies


Inspired. Engaged. Prepared.

Dear Bengal Tech Parents and Students:

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year! We’re excited about the opening of our new facility this fall. Many people have dedicated their time and talents to ensure our first year at Bassett High School is a success. You should be very proud to be a part of the initial 9th and 10th grade classes. Bengal Tech Academy’s mission is to cultivate independent, accountable learners, who encompass the skills of developing relationships and real-world solutions.

Our facilitators have been working hard to prepare for your arrival. We’ve attended several conferences across the nation to prepare ourselves to design projects and problem-based lessons that are fun, engaging, and important to our distinct curriculum. We want to establish a positive school culture that is dependent upon trust, respect, and responsibility. In the first weeks of school, we’ll continue this work to ensure each of you understand your role in our culture and realize the advantages and benefits of project based learning.

Bengal Tech faculty and staff are revved up and ready for success! We hope you all are too. I encourage you to contact me anytime by phone (276) 629-1731 or email

Franketta Tatum M.Ed.
Bengal Tech Director
Bassett High School  
bengal tech director fran tatum