Henry County Public Schools


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Mrs. Christy Landon

Director of Human Resources
Email: clandon@henry.k12.va.us

For questions regarding classified hiring, benefits or workers compensation:

Mrs. Marie Waldron

Benefits Specialist
Phone: 276-634-4715
Email: mwaldron@henry.k12.va.us


For questions regarding licensed hiring or licensure requirements or renewal:

Mrs. Wendy Philpott

Licensure Specialist
Phone: 276-634-4707
Email: gphilpott@henry.k12.va.us


For questions regarding substitutes or leave (Family Medical Leave):

Ms. Kim Roher

Human Resources Assistant
Phone: 276-634-4577
Email: kroher@henry.k12.va.us


For general information or questions regarding retirement, volunteers or 
background checks:

Ms. LeTreivia Penn

Human Resources Coordinator
Phone: 276-634-4706
Email: lcpenn@henry.k12.va.us