• e2018


    Henry County Public Schools: where critical thinking is expected, creativity is nurtured, technology and innovation are embraced, and learning is celebrated.



    Henry County Public Schools, a high-performing school division, provides all students with an exemplary education in a safe, supportive environment that promotes self-discipline, motivation, and excellence.


    High Quality Instruction

    Henry County Public Schools will produce globally competitive students.

    High Quality Professionals

    Henry County Public Schools will be directed by highly qualified professionals.

    Safe and Orderly Learning Environments

    Henry County Public Schools will provide safe, orderly learning environments to support effective and innovative teaching and learning.

    Innovative and Cutting-Edge Technology

    Henry County Public Schools will strengthen the application of technology to enhance instruction and promote innovation.

    Family and Community Engagement

    Henry County Public Schools will engage families and the community to ensure open communication and opportunities for student success.




    enVISION 2018 Strategic Plan



    Mid-Year Update January 3, 2013 

    Annual Update July 25, 2013 

    Mid-Year Update January 9, 2014 

    Annual Update July 29, 2014

    Mid-Year Update January 8, 2015

    Annual Update July 29, 2015

    Mid-Year Update January 7, 2016

    Mid-Year Update January 5, 2017