Math Enrichment
    Mrs. Angela Beckett
    Fieldale-Collinsville Middle School Phone: 276-647-3841
    E-mail: abeckett@henry.k12.va.us
    For assignments, please go to Canvas.


    7th Grade: 

    1st Exploratory: 8:00-10:05 MW

    2nd Exploratory: 8:00-10:05 TTh

    And every other Friday 

    6th Grade:

    1st Exploratory: 11:20- 12:55 MW

    2nd Exploratory: 11:20-12:55TTh

    And every other Friday 

    8th Grade:

    1st Exploratory: 1:40-3:15 MW

    2nd Exploratory: 1:40-3:15 TTh

    And every other Friday


    Math Enrichment is recommended by the core teacher to students that are struggling in math class. We will be using Moby Max this year. In addition, we will do math lessons to help you with your Moby Max assignments and your Core Math class.