Math Enrichment   
    Mrs. Angela Beckett
    Fieldale-Collinsville Middle School Phone: 276-647-3841
    E-mail: abeckett@henry.k12.va.us
    Due to the 2-week shutdown, please continue working on Khan Academy Mappers.  For my class, you will need to go to khanacademy.org/mappers . Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.  Also, khanacademy.org is a great website to watch videos on current topics in your Core Math class.  It goes through each step and gives you practice for the topic. All you have to do is search for the topic.
    Examples: For 8th grade concept, Pythagorean Theorem, Press here.
    For 7th Grade concept, Translations, Press here. 
    For 6th Grade concept, Decimal Word Problems, Press here.


    Math 7 Homeroom- 8:15- 8:29
    Math 7 Enrichment- 8:30-9:15
    Math 7 Enrichment-  9:20-10:05
    Planning 1- 10:10-11:15
    Math 6 Enrichment- 11:20-12:05
    Math 6 Enrichment- 12:10-12:55
    Planning 2- 1:00-1:35
    Math 8 Enrichment- 1:40-2:25
    Math Enrichment 8- 2:30-3:15                                   

     Math Enrichment is recommended by the core teacher to students that are struggling in math class or have low MAP scores. Each day in class, students work on Khan Academy Mappers.  Khan Academy Mappers zeros in on students weaknesses, and creates an individualized plan for each student, which helps the students improve their Math skills. If a student is absent, the student should work on KHAN ACADEMY @ khanacademy.org/mappers.