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    *Due to Covid-19, all classes are currently virtual.


    Class Schedule


    7:30-8:05 Arrive/Breakfast/Unpack

    Bathroom Break

    8:05-10:05 Reading

    10:05-10:35 Writing

    10:35-10:55 Recess 

    Bathroom Break

    10:55-11:10 Math

    11:10-11:35 Lunch

    Bathroom Break

    11:35-12:45 Math

    12:45-1:20 Itinerant



             Wednesday- PE

             Thursday- Week 1(Art) Week 2(PE) Week 3(Library)

             Friday- Week 1(Library) Week 2(Art) Week 3(PE)

    1:20-2:30 Science/ Social Studies 

    2:30-2:40 Pack-up/Dismissal