• Resource and Remediation

    Mrs. Gibbs, the teacher, and Ms. Henley, the paraprofessional,

    enjoy spending time with our students in the general education classroom with their homeroom teachers during reading and math and in our room while working on other subjects, IEP goals, and remediation. 


    2019-2020 Schedule


    7:30      Arrival Routines, Breakfast with Homeroom Teachers 

    8:15      Resource Teachers with Gen. Ed. for 1st & 2nd Grade Reading/3rd Grade Math

    9:15      Remediation/IEP Goals for 1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade Students

    10:25    Resource Teacher with Gen. Ed. for 3rd Grade Reading/1st Grade Math

    10:30    Remediation/IEP Goals for 2nd Grade Students

    11:00    Resource Teachers Help Students at Lunch with Gen. Ed. Teachers

    11:30    Resource Teacher with Gen. Ed. for 2nd Grade Math

    11:45    Remediation/IEP Goals for 1st Grade Student 

    12:15    Itinerant Classes

    1:00      Bathroom Break

    1:15      Reading/Recess/Social Skills

    1:45      Social Studies/Science/Remediation

    2:20      Dismissal Routines

    2:40      Departure Routines



    Let's have a great year!

    Mrs. Gibbs