• 2019-2020 Program of Studies: High School 

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    Division Vision Statement

    Inspiring learners to positively impact their world.

    Division Mission Statement

    Henry County Public Schools provides our diverse community of learners with meaningful educational experiences that prepare them for a successful future.

    Purpose of the Program of Studies

    The purpose of the Program of Studies is to assist you and your child in making educational decisions that will ensure participating in the appropriate program and graduating on time. The information in this guide is designed to help students and parents with the selection of courses for ninth through twelfth grades. Students should study this publication and consult with their parents, school counselors, and teachers in planning their individual program of study. School counselors can help with planning by analyzing test scores and records of past achievements and by discussing current interests and long-term goals. School counselors also have up-to-date information available about various training programs, schools, colleges, universities, and employment possibilities.