• Warrior Tech Facilitators

    • Warrior Tech Academy facilitators are committed to a philosophy of teaching that engages.  
    • We use project based learning (PBL) to help our students become problem-solvers. 
    • We strive to make learning relevant and enjoy creating a positive collaborative and learning culture.  
    • We provide a technology rich environment where students are able to create, communicate,          access information and experience learning.  
    • We work thoughtfully to measure multiple learning outcomes (collaboration, written and            oral communication) and the development of student responsibility for their own learning, or agency.


    Clicking on the name of the facilitator will activate his/her individual web page. 


    Ninth Grade Facilitators

    • Samantha Wilson, Biology I
    • John Schlueter, Health & PE 9
    • Arrica Agee, World History I
    • Chelsea Stowe English 9 

    Tenth Grade Facilitators

    • Joel Bunn, Ecology
    • Brenda Radford, English 10

    Eleventh Grade Facilitators

    • Abby Stephens, English 11 
    • Zach Saunders, US/VA History

    Twelfth Grade Facilitators

    • Taylor Robertson, US/VA Government
    • April Scarce, English 12

    Math Facilitators

    • Sam Suite, Geometry
    • Morgan Scott, Algebra II