• HCPS develops a school calendar based on the Code of Virginia. Our goal is to be in school for 180 days of uniterrupted instruction; however, if inclement weather dictates that we cannot have 180 days of instruction, adjustments are made to the school year calendar to ensure that students receive 990 hours of instruction.

    Hours of instruction are determined based on core course offerings (total daily hours do not include lunch or recess times, for example). The division's hours are calculated using this guideline and must be based on the school with the fewest hours accumulated during the course of the year (for example, if a school has to dismiss early due to power outage, etc, the division's total hours are reduced by the number of hours early that school was dismissed).


    VDOE Superintendent's Memo re: School Calendars and Make Up Days

    *Note: State of Emergency weather appeals can only be submitted for approval after a division has demonstrated all possible efforts to make up all time missed, including extending the school day and adding days to the school year calendar.


    During the 2018-2019 school year, HCPS missed the following school days:

    September 14, 17

    October 12

    November 16

    December 10-14

    *Additionally, the division closed early due to inclement weather on DATE (deducting 3 hours from the 990).


    Make up school days included:

    October 8

    January 3, 4

    February 22

    *Additionally, the division extended the school day on December 19 (adding 3 hours to total instructional hours).