• Hello all!! While we are all sad that we cannot be in our classroom with our bunny Chip, or in our greenhouse planting new flowers and veggies, it is important for everyone to remember that our lives are impacted by agriculture everyday, no matter where we are, or what the situation is. With that being said, I have decided to share some at home 'assignments' that you can complete during our extended absence from school. The work and assignments posted below will be review material only. It will be assessed, but not formally graded.

    Students should choose ONE task to complete each day and log it in a journal (Monday-Friday)


    6th grade students OR any student with no access to a device or iPad:

    1.) Keep a journal of activities you have done while away from school related to animals/agriculture. Make an entry each day, Monday-Friday. One to three sentences per day will be fine.
    Examples include:

    • Write down one meal/snack you have eaten and describe what animals or crops were necessary to make that meal.
    • Look at the tag on a clothing item you are wearing and describe what crops or animals were necessary to make that item.
    • If you have pets, log something you have done with your pet that day (playing fetch, feeding, walking.. etc)
    • If you have plants, please tell me what plant you have at home, and how you care for that plant.
    • Help with yard work! (Landscaping is agriculture too!) 
    • Create a bouquet with items obtained from your yard. 
    • Take a nature walk with an adult and identify 3 plants or trees you see on the walk. 
    • Read a book relating to agriculture or animals! See my list on the Agriculture/Animals Books Page! 


    The options are limitless! Use your imagination and have fun! 


    6th Grade students with iPad or device access:

    1.) On Virtual Assignments Tab on my school website, there will be a list of online/virtual assignments that will include watching a video, engaging in an interactive webpage, playing a game or reading an article about something related to agriculture! Please have the student make a log of any activities they complete! 



    7th and 8th grade students: (choose ONE option per day)

    If you have access to your iPads:

    1.) Play the Farmers 2050 or Journey 2050 games on your iPads (I realize not all students have these apps at this time. I am working to get this changed). Please document the amount of time you have spent playing each day.

    2.) Access your Unified Classroom Page (if you do not know your log in information please contact your core teachers for that information). On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays a multiple choice review question will be posted in the polls section. Answer this question by simply choosing A,B, or C. No need to write it down!

    3.) On your Unified Classroom Pages, or in the Virtual Assignments Tab on my school website, there will be a list of online/virtual assignments that will include watching a video or reading an article about something related to agriculture.

    4.) On Unified Classroom, or on the at home project assignements tab, you will find a list of worksheets you can choose to complete. Should you choose to complete a worksheet, that worksheet will count for 5 days, one week, worth of assingments for your journal.