• Hey guys! I hope everyone is doing well. This week our topic of discussion is Landscaping. You will have two assignments to do this week, the first of which is posted today (3/30) and the next will be posted Wednesday (4/1). So check your student emails and your Unified Classroom class page on Wednesday for your assignments. Both of these will be due on Friday (4/3). 

    First, click the link to see your first "5 minute lecture" click here

    Assignment #1:

    • Get outside! Be active! Go do one thing outside to spruce up your landscape/yard. Pull weeds, plant flowers. There are endless possibilities!! 

    • Once this is done, go to the google form that I will share with you and tell me what you did. The google form can be found in your student email OR on our Unified Classroom class page.

    Assignment #2: Will be posted on Wednesday. Stay tuned.