• Welcome to Geography!! In this course we will begin with an overview of basic geographic terms. Following this, we will study the different regions of the world in great detail. The goal of this course is to prepare our future generations with the tools they will need to navigate through the world and to be successful citizens as they progress through life.


    Class Schedule

    Core 1: 8:30-10:00


    Core 2: 10:04- 11:34


    Core 3: 11:38-1:10


    (Lunch: 1:10-1:40)


    Planning: 1:44-3:16



    Class Supplies Needed

    1. 3-Subject notebook or composition notebook (May run out of room in just one composition notebook, so may need two.)

    2. 3X5 index cards

    3. Folder

    4. Colored pencils

    5. Pencils or erasable pens

    6. Loose-leaf notebook paper