• Welcome to Geography!! In this course we will begin with an overview of basic geographic terms. Following this, we will study the different regions of the world in great detail. The goal of this course is to prepare our future generations with the tools they will need to navigate through the world and to be successful citizens as they progress through life.

    Google Meet Times and Link:

    Tuesdays and Thursdays

    Core 1: 11:30- 12:00

    Core 2: 12:00-12:30

    Core 3: 12:30-1:00


    To join the video meeting:

    An email has been sent to all student's "stuhenry" email accounts with an invitation to the meetings. Go to the invitation and join the meeting by opening it up on the calendar. The link is also at the bottom of your Quia Class Webpage.


    Assignments to complete while out of school:

    *Powerpoints and Vocabulary Lists are posted to Quia page. Paper copies are available at the school.

    Assignments on Quia already assigned:  

    Russia and C.A. Vocabulary Review

    Russia and C.A. Unit Review/ Open Notebook Quiz

    Russia and C.A. Unit Test

    MENA Vocabulary Review

    MENA Unit Review

    Sub-Saharan Africa Vocabulary Review

    MENA and Sub-Saharan Africa Unit Review


    Not posted yet to Quia: 

    Asia Vocabulary Review

    Asia Unit Review

    Australia Vocabulary Review

    Australia Unit Review


    Please use the internet, any notes posted on Quia, or other sources to help you. It is all open notes. Redo the Quia assignments as often as needed to achieve your best score.


    If you need a paper packet, please email me at ursula.penn-coleman@henry.k12.va.us to have one emailed or the school should have copies in the office.






    Class Schedule

    Core 1: 8:30-10:00


    Core 2: 10:04- 11:34


    Core 3: 11:38-1:10


    (Lunch: 1:10-1:40)


    Planning: 1:44-3:16



    Class Supplies Needed

    1. 3-Subject notebook or composition notebook (May run out of room in just one composition notebook, so may need two.)

    2. 3X5 index cards

    3. Folder

    4. Colored pencils

    5. Pencils or erasable pens

    6. Loose-leaf notebook paper