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    Welcome to Room 39
      Mary Lou Barrett

    school  -276-956-3147

    Virtual Office hours 
    Monday & Wednesday 8:00am-9:00am 
    (Through email, conference call
    or for googleMeet
    code- wznrirjvng

    ***Reminder: All completed work

     needs to be returned to the school lobby by

     3:30 on Friday May 15th

      Assisting in the classroom are :
      Kitty Cade, D Hylton, and  Josh Smith
                  Pieces of the puzzle                                    people first
                                                                 Class Schedule for Spring 2020

     8:25-10:10  Block  1

     Breakfast/clean cafetria tables
     Basic Reading-Reading/writing/word processing/journal writing/email,and readworks
    10:20-11:40 Block 2
      Basic Math, Time, Money,
       Money Management
      Sorting,making patterns, and measuring

    11:50-1:50 Block 3        


     Outside/inside exercise/games
    Social Studies, Social Science and Laundry skills,cooking skills and nutrition
       (lunch 1:15-1:45)

    1:50-3:25 Block 4
    Vocational skills,Task boxes
    Life Skills, Self Help and Daily jobs,computer and ipad skills