• Mr. Jordan Owens

    Email address: jordan.owens@henry.k12.va.us


    Online Teaching Update: While Henry County Public School system is conducting classes asynchronously online (meaning work can be done at any point in the week and students work at their own pace), your students can log into my classes during the following times via Zoom during school weekdays, Monday-Friday). Links to these Zoom meetings will go out via email and are posted on Canvas.


    Link to Mr. Owens' Canvas page- https://henry.instructure.com/courses/5794

    Online Schedule

    Core 1- 9:00-9:30 A.M.

    Core 2- 10:30-11:00 A.M.

    Core 3- 12:00-12:30 P.M.


    Daily Schedule (Normal classroom schedule):

    Core 1- 8:30-10:00 A.M.

    Core 2- 10:04-11:34 A.M.

    Core 3- 11:38-1:40 P.M.


    Exploratory 1- 1:44-2:30 P.M.

    Exploratory 2- 2:34-3:16 P.M.


    Contact Information:

    Email: jordan.owens@henry.k12.va.us

    School telephone number- 276-632-7216

    Note: Emails received after 3:30 P.M. on school days may not be responded to until the following day.