• Welcome to Eighth Grade English Language Arts!


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    I am Miss Davis, one of the English teachers at FCMS. I am a graduate of Henry County Public Schools. After high school, I studied at Radford University. This is my ninth year in education! I am excited to begin this new school year and I look forward to meeting all of you. 



    Ms. Davis' contact information:


    276 647 3841



    Grade 8 Syllabus


    Writers read and readers write! 


    Students will continue to develop writing, grammar, reading and vocabulary skills through the study of the various genres of literature (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, drama).   Students will be required to write and conference on a regular basis participating in the Writer’s Workshop format, thus increasing their knowledge and understanding of the Process of Writing.  Students will also be required to read independently, as well as a whole group, and respond to the readings through reflective writing & conferencing, and other forms of assessment.


    • Writing - Writer’s Workshop and Grade 8 Writing SOL Preparation
    • Reading - Individual “Book of Choice” & Class Texts and Gr. 8 Reading SOL Preparation
    • Participation - meaningful engagement in your writing & reading
    • Organization -  provided in-class Writer’s Notebook & Folder
    • Reflection - purposeful personal academic understanding

    Class Expectations:

    All students are expected to make good choices & be a learnerROAR!  


    • Be polite, thoughtful, kind, & respect the people & environment of room 7 while in class and online!


    • Be willing & prepared to own your words, actions & education!  Use your time wisely!


    • Be ready to work for yourself and with others to do your best with a positive & productive attitude everyday!


    • Be HERE!  Be in class on time with appropriate materials & supplies, such as a charged iPad & a good book, demonstrating responsible behaviors!

    *NOTE:  Students are expected to adhere to the HCPS & FCMS discipline policies

    - Cell Phones are NOT permitted in class. 

     Class Goal:

    Through the study of grade 8 Language Arts (or the ARTs of Language), my goal for you is to become a more critical, connected reader, a confident, effective writer, a better listener, a clear communicator, an organized responsible student (ie… taking appropriate care of your assigned iPad & being prepared with required materials), and a productive member of the class.  I am looking forward to working with you this year as you develop these skills by BEING RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR LEARNING… acting like a Writer and a Reader!

    Individual Goal:

    In spotlighting the FCMS Literacy Focus , Gr. 8 Language Arts Writer’s Workshop and Gr. 8 Writing SOL Preparation, you will become a better writer as you pay more attention to both the basics and creative side to the Writing Process.  My goal for you is to provide a comfortable environment to express yourself while guiding you through the writing process.

     Important Dates:   The Grade 8 Writing SOL Test-- March 2021

                                   Grade 8 Reading SOL Test-- May 2021


     Grading Categories:

    • Major Assessments (Tests, Projects, Final Writing Pieces, etc.) count twice
    • Minor Assessments (Quizzes, Mini-Projects, etc.) count once
    • Participation (Class/Group Work, etc.) count once
    • Practice (Warm-Ups, Homework, Journaling, Comprehension Monitoring/Conferencing, etc.) count once

     Required Materials: 

           * Section in your binder for ELA material

           * Loose leaf paper to use when turning in material (Do not yank this out of your composition books)

           * IPAD charged daily

           * Pencil 

           * Two different color highlighters

           * one marble composition book (any color)

           * pack of notecards (4x6)

           **Optional:  earbuds, glue, colored pencils, markers, colored ink pens (for notes), scissors

    Textbook: Online text 

                     Canvas:  use your email address and lunch number to sign in.  (Will be updated daily)

                     ZOOM meets

                     Google slides

     SCHEDULE for Virtual Learning: 

    Time                    Class                  Period
    9:05-9:35           1st Core      Mon and Wed   

    9:40-10:10        2nd Core      Mon and Wed   


    10:50-11:20       3rd Core     Tues and Thurs 


    12-12:30            4thCore.      Tues and Thurs


    2:30-3:15 Office Hours for extra help with assignments 


    Virtual instruction is available during the above times. Recorded virtual lessons are available daily in the modules. Email me if you have any questions!