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    Inspiring learners to positively impact their world.
    Henry County Public Schools provides our diverse community of learners with meaningful educational experiences that prepare them for a successful future.
    Core Values 
    We Value Respect. We act with integrity. We strive for excellence. We promote equity. We put students first. 


    Budget Priorities

    High Quality Instruction
    Curriculum: Develop and implement engaging, innovative, and rigorous curriculum that prepares all students for college, career, and citizenship

    Instruction: Identify and implement research-based instructional practices and provide ongoing professional learning opportunities to support these efforts.
    Assessment: Create a balanced assessment system that accurately measures student growth and achievement.

    High Quality Professionals
    Recruitment: Recruit and hire a diverse staff of high- quality professionals throughout the division.

    Retention: Retain a diverse staff of high-quality professionals throughout the division.
    Professional Learning: Provide professional learning opportunities for all employees to maximize personal and professional growth.

    Safe & Innovative Learning Environment
    Safety: Provide a safe and supportive learning environment for all stakeholders.

    Environment: Collaborate with the school community to provide innovative learning environments that support today’s learners.
    Climate: Maintain a positive social and emotional climate for all students and staff.
    Technology: Ensure that innovative technologies are accessible to all students and staff.

    Family & Community Engagement
    Communication: Foster active and positive communication among students, staff, families, and the community to ensure that all stakeholders are engaged and well-informed.


    Estimate of moneys needed for public schools
    It shall be the duty of each division superintendent to prepare, with the approval of the school board, and submit to the governing body or bodies appropriating funds for the school division [...] the estimate of the amount of money deemed to be needed during the next fiscal year for the support of the public schools [...].

    Powers and duties
    A school board shall:

    1. See that the school laws are properly explained, enforced and observed;
    2. Secure, by visitation or otherwise, as full information as possible about the conduct of the public schools in the school division and take care that they are conducted according to law and with the utmost efficiency;
    3. Care for, manage and control the property of the school division and provide for the erecting, furnishing, equipping, and non-instructional operating of necessary school buildings and appurtenances and the maintenance thereof by purchase, lease, or other contracts;
    4. Provide for the consolidation of schools or redistricting of school boundaries or adopt pupil assignment plans whenever such procedure will contribute to the efficiency of the school division;
    5. Insofar as not inconsistent with state statutes and regulations of the Board of Education, operate and maintain the public schools in the school division and determine the length of the school term, the studies to be pursued, the methods of teaching and the government to be employed in the schools;
    6. In instances in which no grievance procedure has been adopted prior to January 1, 1991, establish and administer by July 1, 1992, a grievance procedure for all school board employees, except the division superintendent and those employees covered under the provisions of Article 2 (§ 22.1-293et seq.) and Article 3 (§ 22.1-306et seq.) of Chapter 15 of this title, who have completed such probationary period as may be required by the school board, not to exceed 18 months. The grievance procedure shall afford a timely and fair method of the resolution of disputes arising between the school board and such employees regarding dismissal or other disciplinary actions, excluding suspensions, and shall be consistent with the provisions of the Board of Education's procedures for adjusting grievances. Except in the case of dismissal, suspension, or other disciplinary action, the grievance procedure prescribed by the Board of Education pursuant to § 22.1-308 shall apply to all full-time employees of a school board, except supervisory employees;
    7. Perform such other duties as shall be prescribed by the Board of Education or as are imposed by law;
    8. Obtain public comment through a public hearing not less than 10 days after reasonable notice to the public in a newspaper of general circulation in the school division prior to providing (i) for the consolidation of schools; (ii) the transfer from the public school system of the administration of all instructional services for any public school classroom or all non-instructional services in the school division pursuant to a contract with any private entity or organization; or (iii) in school divisions having 15,000 pupils or more in average daily membership, for redistricting of school boundaries or adopting any pupil assignment plan affecting the assignment of 15 percent or more of the pupils in average daily membership in the affected school. Such public hearing may be held at the same time and place as the meeting of the school board at which the proposed action is taken if the public hearing is held before the action is taken. If a public hearing has been held prior to the effective date of this provision on a proposed consolidation, redistricting or pupil assignment plan which is to be implemented after the effective date of this provision, an additional public hearing shall not be required;
    9. (Expires July 1, 2020) At least annually, survey the school division to identify critical shortages of teachers and administrative personnel by subject matter, and report such critical shortages to the Superintendent of Public Instruction and to the Virginia Retirement System; however, the school board may request the division superintendent to conduct such survey and submit such report to the school board, the Superintendent, and the Virginia Retirement System; and
    10. Ensure that the public schools within the school division are registered with the Department of State Police to receive from the State Police electronic notice of the registration or reregistration of any sex offender within that school division pursuant to § 9.1-914.

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    Significant Budget Adjustments in FY 2021

    • Despite efforts to close the gap between Years of Service and an employee's position on the salary scale, the Budget Committee ultimately recommended a budget that responds to the economic downturn resulting from the coronavirus/COVID-19 global pandemic. State funding levels decreased significantly between the release of the Governor's proposed biennial budget in December 2019 and the eventual adoption of the State Budget in late April 2020. A major reduction in the funding came from the elimination of the compensation supplements that were part of the Governor's proposed budget/ Because of shortfalls in sales tax receipts and lottery proceeds, the local appropriating body held local funding at the same level as FY 2020. For these reasons, and in an effort to prevent reductions in current staffing leves, Henry County Public Schools will not be offering step-wise advancements for licensed or classified staff or percentage increases for administrators. 
    • Bus drivers and bus aides will receive a 3.5% on their annual pay.
    • Substitute teacher pay will increase (refer to page 34)
    • Substitute rates for various drivers and aides for Pupil Transportation will increase (refer to page 34)
    • Hourly rates for cafeteria workers (part-time and substitutes) increased in response to increases in minimum wage (refer to page 35)
    • Hourly rates for PALS tutors increased from $9.48/hour to $11.00/hour
    • Three paraprofessional positions have been added to support instruction for students with disabilities
    • One full-time Pre-K teaching position has been added in Special Education
    • One full-time teaching Specific Learning Disability position has been added in Special Education
    • One full-time Speech Language Pathologist position has been added in Special Education
    • Two full-time English Learner (EL) teaching positions have been added in response to changes in Standards of Quality staffing levels for English Learners
    • Added funding in budget lines to support part-time teaching for anticipated increases in tutoring and remediation as a response to instruction time lost in SY 2019-2020 during state-wide closure of schools
    • The employer share of VRS contributions increase by almost a full percentage point
    • The cost of the single-subscriber premium for all full-time employees, paid by Henry County Public Schools, increased from $645.08 per month, per employee to $723.17 per month, per employee
    • The VRS increase coupled with the increase in medical premiums account for approximately $1.4M in additional cost to the school division.
    • A 3% increase in Purchased Services in the Operations and Maintenance category will be funded in anticipation of the increased cost to sanitize and deep clean school facilities and school vehicles in adherence to recent guidance from the Center for Disease Control.
    • Funding for Building Improvements in the Facilities category have been maintained in accordance with feedback from the Superintendent's Cabinet groups