• Henry County Public Schools

    Capital Improvement Plan

    2018 – 2022




    This Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) provides a recommended framework for undertaking major capital improvements over the next five years. The following goals continue to guide planning and prioritization of the CIP. 


    1. Provide a safe, healthy, and inviting learning environment for students, staff, parents, and community. 
    2. Protect infrastructure and ensure the proper operation of all critical building systems. 
    3. Ensure that facilities are energy efficient. 
    4. Ensure that facilities are equipped for current instructional and administrative technologies. 


    The economic downturn that began in 2007 undermined many of the funding assumptions used to develop previous iterations of the CIP. All funding sources have depleted to include: decreases in state funding; expiration of  stimulus funding; and a lack of opportunity for low-interest rate funding. The challenge with the CIP has been finding the base funding source for these projects. Over the last three fiscal years (FY 2019, 2020, and 2021), however, the local governing body has increased the Capital Improvement Budget. Referendum voting in the fall of 2020 also saw voters pass a 1% tax to provide a new revenue stream for new construction and major renovations. 


    Identifying facility needs are based on input from principals and administrators, facilities staff, and consultants. Cornett & Cundiff, Inc. performed a survey of division roofs, estimated costs and determined timelines for replacement of this critical building component. Also, Moseley Architects have completed a full facilities assessment to assist with planning capital needs. The needs assessment is now ten years old, and HCPS will be soliciting competitive bids in the summer of 2021 for an updated facilities assessment. The new needs assessment will provide guidance for the CIP that will span the years 2022-2026. There is an intentional one-year overlap in CIP coverage, which gives the school division an opportunity to carry existing projects (from the current plan) into the new CIP.  


    Today’s construction market is very favorable to owners, with most bid results below pre-recession estimates. Prices will return to former levels as more construction work becomes available and the number of bidders decline. Unfortunately, because of budget reductions, our division is not positioned to take advantage of this opportunity for savings. 


    As a caution, estimates should be considered place holders. The best estimates are obtained after preparation of working drawings (bid documents) and the true cost is determined through the competitive bid process. 



    The following timelines are hypothetical and predicated on the assumption that the division will increase its Facilities Category over each of the next five fiscal years. The following tables provide a description of projects, status, costs and recommended timelines for each project. In some cases, projects are bundled for similar types of work or because of advantages related to logistics.