• Mrs. Kathleen Clerc

    6th Grade Math Teacher

    Email: kathleen.clerc@henry.k12.va.us

    School Phone: 276-647-3841


     8:30am - 9:35am    1st Period

     9:40am - 10:15am  2nd Period (Part 1)

    10:20am - 10:45am  Lunch

    10:50am - 11:15pm. 2nd Period (Part 2)

    11:20am - 12:55pm. Exploratory (M/W Exp #1- 3rd period; T/Th Exp #2-4th period; Fri- rotates)

    1:00pm - 2:05pm.     5th Period

    2:10pm - 3:15pm.     6th Period

    3:15pm                     Dismissal



     6th grade math Syllabus

    Mrs. Clerc & Mrs. Holley

    2021 – 2022

    6th Grade Math Course Description


    In Math 6, we will transition from the emphasis placed on whole number arithmetic in the elementary grades to foundations of algebra. The following is a list of topics that we will be covering this year.

    6.1 Ratios

    6.2 Fractions, Decimals, and Percentage

    6.3 Integers 

    6.4 Exponents and Perfect Squares

    6.5 a Multiply and Divide Fractions

    6.5 b Practical Problems Involving Fractions

    6.5 c Practical Problems Involving Decimals

    6.6 Integer Operations

    6.7 a Circles: Pi

    6.7 b Circles: Circumference & Area

    6.7 c  Area & Perimeter

    6.8 Coordinate Plane

    6.9 Congruence

    6.10  Circle Graphs

    6.11 Measures of Center

    6.12 Proportional Relationships

    6.13  Solving One-Step Equation

    6.14  Solving & Graphing Inequalities

    Grading Information

    100-90% - A

    89-80% - B

    79-70% - C

    69-60% - D

    59% and below – F

    You will earn grades in the following areas:

    • Homework/Participation
    • Classwork
    • Quizzes 
    • Tests 

    Daily participation is important to your success in this class and your future.

    *Please note, zeros will be used as place holders for missing/incomplete assignments.

    Students will be allowed to make up work within a reasonable amount of time.  We do believe in redos and retakes when possible. 

    What We Do In Class

    • Class will start with a bell ringer/warm-up activity. 
    • Students will rotate to various groups throughout the week. Groups will consist of:
      • iPad
      • Small Group Instruction w/Teacher
      • Independent practice
      • Partner work
    • Some days will be reserved for whole class re-teaching, quizzes, and tests.