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    Welcome to the Webpage of 12 time Raider State Champions!

     4th Bde U.S. East Coast Best of the Best Raider Championhips, 2019
    National Qualifiers Multiple Years
    Earned award at the 2019 U.S. Army National Raider Competition 


    What Is JROTC?

    This picture speaks a thousand words about Magna Vista's JROTC program.   Young adults staying occupied being constructive instead of hanging out on the street corner or going home and playing on the video games after school.  Not only are they occupied they are displaying pride and serving their community.
    Race Weekend
    The Magna Vista's JROTC program is regarded as one of the best on the east coast.  The program stays very busy preforming community service, hosting and competing in competitions, preforming color guards and introduction to leadership.  We try to instill respect and discipline into the lives of our cadets. 

    Showing each student that he or she has the power within themselves to overcome all obstacles no matter how great -- without the 'helping hand' of government or society as a whole-- is the last thing they want your child to learn. Since the birth of this nation the American spirit has transcended all difficulties. The JROTC curriculum fortifies, nurtures and coaches this American spirit into a powerful force your child can use to overcome his or her individual struggles.

    If you are the parent of a child that may take JROTC, rest assured JROTC is not a recruiting tool for the military.  Spend a few minutes speaking with the Army Instructors from your child's school and you will understand the true purpose of the Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps is to "Motivate Young People to Be Better Citizens!" Your child will be encouraged to complete high school and take a path that will lead that will ensure a successful future.

                                    Competition - Warrior Raider Champions                      
                                    4th Brigade Best of Best Champions 2019                     
                              4th Bde Best of Best Champions 2019   


      To motivate young people to become better citizens

    This is a yearly schedule.  It does not change with semesters. 

    Periods 1, 3, 4



    Supplies needed for my class are:

    • Folder (we supply)

    • Pen or Pencil

    • Desire to be a better person

    • Positive Attitude


                                   LEVELS OF JROTC



    LET LEVEL   1 & 2

    Basics of JROTC    

    LET LEVEL   3 & 4

    Leadership Training    

    LET LEVEL    5 & 6

    Being a Leader / How to be successful after high school    

    LET LEVEL   7 & 8

    Senior Leadership    


    Final exams are based on Henry County School Policy.



    •     Drill Team

    •     Color Guard

    •     Honor Guard

    •     Raider Team -  What is a Raider?



    VA DOE - http://www.doe.virginia.gov/



    Magna Vista High School

    Henry County Schools