Our Background
  •      MVN is a school news platform that was first created in 2019. The idea sparked a few young teenagers in their sophomore year of high school. Those students realized that it was so difficult to understand the daily announcements over the intercom both in the morning and in the afternoon. The students spent weeks coming up with a name, a logo, and a plan for how this club was going to be successful. The students thought of doing a web show that would be pre-recorded and shown on the TVs around the school. 

        The students finally pieced together everything they needed to get this club approved. On a typical school day, Jaydon Carter, Aniya Penn, Alaynah Koger, Kolby Davis, and Leah Penn, collectively proceeded to present their idea to their current principal at the time, Charles Byrd. The students sat down with former principal Charles Byrd and expressed their idea they had for the school. Former principal, Charles Byrd, was fully on board and was ecstatic to get this club started. In 2019, Magna Vista Television was created.

        The students were so adamant about starting this club, and they planned to stay after a few days after the club was approved. The students sat down with their former principal, Mr.Byrd, and discussed different topics they wanted to incorporate in their news show. The students came up with a unique way to showcase the news in a fun and interesting way that would attract students of Magna Vista's attention. The students came up with skits such as the Daily Announcements, Aniya's News, and the Weather for their weekly episode. 

        The students first started recording their first few videos off their cellphone. Their former principal was pleased with their work and saw how dedicated they were to this and he proceeded to buy the students their first-ever camera. The students were extremely excited and carried on with this club all the way up to the end of their junior year. On March 13, 2020, a dangerous disease broke out in our area formally known as Covid-19. This virus, unfortunately, led the schools in their county to shut down. This led to MVTV being put on pause until they were to come back and pick this club back up again.

         The year 2021 came and it finally allowed the students to arrive at school again. When the students arrived, it was a completely different atmosphere. People were masked, hallways were cleared, and lastly, they had a completely different principal. The students had come back to school and were clueless on how to start MVTV back up with everything that was going on in their school. After school activities were canceled, which did not allow them to stay after and they were all masked and could not be in close proximity with each other.

         The students knew they wanted to keep this club running. However, they just did not know-how. Months of planning, the students knew that they wanted to keep this alive in honor of their former principal, Charles Byrd. The students knew that he did not ever want them to give up and to keep pushing for what they were passionate about. The students then thought of Magna Vista Network (MVN). The students wanted to create an online source to display information as well as follow the procedures of Covid-19. The students brought the idea to their new principal, Joe Ellen Hylton, and she was fully on board with the idea. 

        The student's new principal, Joe Ellen Hylton, reached out to Monica Hatchett at the Henry County School Board. Monica Hatchett was extremely eager to hear the ideas from the students and could not wait to see where this could go. Fast forward, Joe Ellen Hylton, Monica Hatchett, and Magna Vista's I.T. Arrica Agee meet with the students to discuss their idea and decided to help them move to the next step. These students now have a successful website on their school page, a cartoon that identically matches the student's personal profile and multiple social media platforms. 

    The students plan to keep MVN running, and pass it on to future generations as they come along.