• Melody C. Margrave
    Mrs. Margrave on her scooter (because she broke her foot).    Mrs. Margrave at Curiculum Fair   Mrs. Margrave at Longwood    Mrs. Margrave
    Picture 1: Mrs. Margrave began the school year last year with a broken foot and a scooter to get around. Picture 2: At the beginning of second semester, Mrs. Margrave helps with the Curriculum Fair. (She is proud of her scarf that her son brought her back from Greece when he went there with Roanoke College last Spring.) Picture 3: Mrs. Margrave at Longwood University Alumni Board Meeting. Picture 4: Mrs. Margrave
    Happy New Semester 2019!
    First Day of School - August 6, 2019
    "What greater or better gift can we offer ... than to teach and instruct our youth? " - Cicero
    Make-up Work/After-School Tutoring:
    By Appointment or Invitation
    3:30-5 p.m.
     From Mrs. Margrave: Student must make arrangements with me to stay. I am usually here in the afternoons, but some days I have obligations that I cannot stay. There will also be days that I will request students stay either for remediation or to improve grades. I will usually be able to let students at the beginning of each week when I cannot stay.
    Important Days:
    Underclass pictures August 23
    Senior Make Ups August 26
    (Sign ups begin August 19 outside Room 54)
    Fall Sports Pictures.  August 26
    First Block English 12
    Rm 54
    Second Block
    Rm 54
    Third Block Photo Journalism
    Rm 54
    Fourth Block Photo Journalism
    Rm 54


    " The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows." - Harris
    " Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one" - Forbes